The List Of Certifications

This list of certifications is updated always when I receive information from you, vendors or examination centers. Also, once a three months, I check each one certification on the list.

You can also read the list of certifications by skills (still growing):

The List of Certifications
2313 Certifications
161 Vendors

Which IT Certification You Are Working On Right Now?

  • Evolve Education

    This is amazing list and its a complete list of IT certifications.
    Great work !!!

    Thanks to itcertificationmaster !!!

  • Tom

    thank you. Nice list

  • Fredi

    Very nice!!! Thank you!

  • Sam M.

    Tenable Certifications too specific?

    • Mirek Burnejko

      Thank you so much Sam. Haven’t heard about them. I’m adding them to the list.

  • Nz Hacktivist

    Great list, informative, thanks really for it.

    • Sathya

      Really superb list.One should be aware of the list mentioned.Thanks and also please update other than the Non-IT list even.

  • Anantharam Jayaram

    Very Useful information, Thanks for all your best efforts!

  • sys-eng

    I cannot believe that COBIT is not on the list.

  • AL

    were is
    Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) for Microsoft .NET
    Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD) for Microsoft .NET
    Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA) on Microsoft SQL Server 2000??

  • Allen

    Its a great list..nice

  • Bart Van Den Bremt

    Hi Mirek, you can add “SOCA Service OpenScape Business” to the the list of the Siemens Enterprise Communications certifications

  • tadveer

    thanks for this list

  • lufesa
    • Mirek Burnejko

      Thanks. Haven’t heard about them. I’ll add them in the next release.

  • Ricardo Dias Marques

    Hi Mirek,

    This is a a great list of certifications! :-)

    There are a few additions and changes to VMware certifications. This page in VMware site has the list of VMware certifications:

    • Mirek Burnejko

      Thanks @ricmarques:disqus I actually work on update. I’ve just finished Cisco certifications and start with VMware (right now). I’m also working on making more community open.

  • Vallabh Kansagara

    it’s really long list isn’t it?

  • Tristano Vacondio

    Very good job Mirek!

  • Ahmed Dema

    i imagine my self have all of it !!!!!!!!, the GOD of IT :D

  • Pete

    What an Amazing Work, thanks !

  • vijeth

    Really it is very helpfull thank you darling.